Business & Investment

Of course Naples is known for its Neapolitan lifestyle, beautiful beaches, upscale luxury lifestyle.

Also deserving and now showing up on the world of business radar screen is the enclave of Naples Paradise. Naples local exceptional economy includes tourism, recreation, healthcare, technology, hotel & resorts, and investing and wealth management.

In February over 100 private jet’s can be spotted on the field of Naples airport. With private Jet charter, iclduing Net Jets and other providers very active.

A common reference to the depth of the concertation of business decision makers of the largest corporations in the world is “90 % of the Chairperson’s of The Board of Directors. of the Fortune 100 Companies, have a residence in Naples, Florida.

Naples is also touted as the Golf Capital of the World with more than 80 championship golf course in the area.

And, now Naples is referred to as the Pickleball Capital of the World. This very fast gowning recreational sport and business activity.

Digital opportunities permeate the Naples Business and investment community.

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